How can you move forward from being just a friend to something else?

So I meet this girl online a week ago, and yesterday we had our first date. We had a great conversation and she seems to enjoyed the evening. However, I didn felt Sparks or something else. That's why I couldn't make a "move" like small physical contact. since I wasn't sure she was interested in me in that way. So back when I got home I sent her a text message explaining my intentions. But at the same time mentioning the fact that I don want to put pressure on her, that she can have as much time she needs to consider it. And also that I'm not expecting something in exchange right now, I'm willing to be patient. But I just wanted to let her my true intentions. she responded like she was cool about it. And that she was thankful for the fact that I was honest and direct right from the beginning. And basically to let the time decides. But... Was this a good move from my part? And also, how can I see later on if I'm not gonna make it and just move on? I really like this girl, but I don want to waste my time and develop more feelings for her in vain.


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  • I think you're over analyzing it. One date after barely a week of knowing each other isn't near enough time to even skim the surface. Just relax and see where things go. That's what dating is for.

    • I understand what you say. I just don't want to invest my time and efforts in vain. I've been in situations where at the end, nothing happened. That's why I just wanted to see pointers or like advices, like... Ok if you don't see this signals or behavior from her by the 3rd date or in a month, or something like that, then move on. You know, something like that

    • I get that. If deep down you feel like you're being drug along, then ask her (or any girl) about it. "Where do you see this going?" "What are you looking for?" etc. I'd say I'd wait at least 3 dates.

  • You just do.


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