I'm in love with my best friend?

Ever since middle school I've been in love with my best friend, and I've never told her. She's been through everything with me, she even helped me come out of the closet. And I'd love to tell her, but she has a boyfriend. The thing is, he's a total asshole towards me for nothing. And she just idly stands by letting him do it. I fucking love this girl to death and I'd do anything for her. But if I tell her I'll risk ruining our friendship. Is telling her my feelings worth it?

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  • Let her have her relationship, it's for the best
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  • I think it's in your best interest not to tell her. It would be self-destructive on your part. She should have enough of a backbone to defend you when you're being mistreated but she doesn't. It would probably make the friendship awkward unless you know if she is not entirely heterosexual. In middle school I was infatuated with one of my guy friends and it was very disturbing to me. I did confess and he was ok with it but yes the air between us afterwards was quite awkward and I'm not sure that's something you want to go through. It comes down to whether it's worth risking your friendship.


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  • Tell her


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  • It's her life it's her choice, let her have her relationship. Let her be happy.

  • her boyfriend must sense you got the hots for his girl.. of course he doesn't want you around.

    respect her relationship. are you hoping she'll leave him for you if she knows about your feelings? have some morals and etiquette. control yourself.

  • First thing first.
    Don't spoil relationship.
    Secondly, inform her in a way she can accept you without spoiling your friendship.


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