Girls is it a usual thing for this to happen the first time you speak to your best friends boyfriend?

Basically, I'm the boyfriend and I've been going out with my girlfriend for a year. Her and I were invited to one of her other close friends who I had only met briefly. When we got into the club my girlfriend went to the toilet leaving me and her friend alone. Then drunk she said, 'dont you think she's gorgeous', I obviously agreed but then she said, 'your doing well, after all you two have been going out for a year'.

Now, before this we got on, I was very polite although her friend was the pompous type. I don't know what this means. Maybe I'm overanalysing but does this mean she doesn't think much of me? Or is this just her saying she has my girlfriends back?

Just wondering if this is a usual thing? And what it means?


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  • I don't see what your concern is? She was just making small talk.

  • Means she's got her girlsfriends back


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