How can I fix my life?

I've realized that my life sucks. I can't talk to girls in person so I go online and get girls. Then I get rejected a bunch and then I get some girls and they say I'm cute and then never respond to me texts again after a day of conversation. I had to settle for my friend's sister to take to prom because my friends felt bad that I was planning on not going. I don't want to live my life anymore. I want to live someone else's life but unfortunately I'm stuck with the one I got. What do I do?


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  • First world problems. You will eventually learn to talk to girls, you're still young.


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  • have u talked about it with your friends see what their opinions are

    • They said "damn. Your life does suck"

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    • No. I just need to not live. My life sucks I have a few good friends but they can't help with my situation they don't know how to.

    • don't say that. your life is important even if u don't love yourself there are other that do love u. don't make them pay for your mistake do not do anything stupid.