Does a guy who shows he likes me drunk but not sober, actually like me?

There's this guy within my group of friends who seems really into me after a few drinks but he doesn't really show it sober. When we're drunk we sit on each other, he's given me piggy backs/shoulder lifts, we hold hands, we kissed once and tbh my girl friends all say he's into me. But when we're sober he goes really awkward. Like he'll look at me, laugh at my jokes and things but he'll keep himself quite distance, he won't sit next to me, barely flirts with me etc. We text a fair amount and he always starts the conversation but I don't know what to think because he's so different drunk and sober that i'm not sure whether he's really into me or just gets flirty when drunk? Someone help please!


What Guys Said 1

  • Have you ever heard of "Dutch courage". It means before you do anything that makes you anxious or afraid you take a good stiff drink of alcohol.
    Alcohol is a suppressant. So any fears you have it dulls them.
    This guy really likes you but he's afraid of being rejected so he can only approach you when he's had a drink.
    Many people also say you only get the truth from someone when their drunk.


What Girls Said 1

  • He's obviously into you, yes.