Do guys get annoyed by Texts? How much is too much... not enough?

I had a date with a guy and it went super well.
When I got home I saw that I received a text from him saying get home safe. I was happy and replied.
How often can I text a guy before he gets annoyed because I really want to talk to him but I dont want to annoy him or appear clingy?


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  • Obviously every guy is different, but I would say that carrying a conversation that flows naturally is perfectly okay and not clingy. Personally I hate when people take forever to respond because if I start or they start a conversation with me that means that they want to talk and have time for it. If you keep sending one message after another (like in a row) or the conversation is coming to and end then just end it :) I wouldn't worry too much about annoying him though

  • more than two texts a day are too much


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