Why hasn't she texted me after hooking up?

I was speaking to a nice girl on Tinder and we met up for a first date. She was a bit nervous but she was cheerful and pleasant to speak too. I was happy to see her again. We texted everyday the week after and met up on the weekend; we had drinks and went to the cinema. She lives about 30 minutes away, and doesn't drive. The last train back was about 9 ish but as we were having a good time I said i'd drive her back. She appreciated the offer, but we ended up going to another bar and I drank over the driving limit. We weren't drunk, just having a good laugh together. I said she could stay at mine, which she seemed cool with. On a side note, we were looking for similar things.

She wasn't look for a friends with benefits, and neither was I. Nevertheless, we ended up sleeping together. I've never seen that as a dealbreaker (having sex early on); its always great to meet someone who enjoys sex and even better, someone who I get on with. It just happened, and I have no regrets. She seems mature, and she was open about her previous relationship (she'd come out of a 5 year relationship a few months back, and simply fell out love).

I text her the same afternoon, she replied and I text her back a few hours later in the evening. Her texts were chatty and pleasant. I was fairly tired, so wasn't in the mood for long conversations. She text me good night, but I'd already fallen asleep. The next morning I text her, but I haven't heard anything back.
That was over 24 hours ago. Is she losing interest or playing a game? I admit my texts aren't full of chit chat but im interested in speaking to her and meeting her again.

Is she trouble?


What Girls Said 1

  • Don't ignore her, the guy who wrote that is an immature kid.

    Instead of texting her try calling her and asking her for another date. If she says yes then when you two meet you should talk about where this is leading. Tell her you're not much of a chit-chat guy and that you prefer live meetings or calls. Listen to what she prefers and try to meet the half way.

    If she doesn't answer or ignores you or is making excuses when you ask her out again, she then lost interest and there's nothing you can do about. It happens everyday. Leave her, delete her and go meet someone else.


What Guys Said 2

  • Dude ur chatting so much on chat.. she is getting bored.
    When she texted u what u should have done is set another date,
    but ur talking like her male girlfriend and ur coming to the point so she is losing interest.

  • ignore her most girls like that