Say yes or say no?

So 3 days ago I met this really amazing guy and he is extremely sweet. And yesterday he asked me out and I blew him off cause I kinda just met him. If he asks me again should I say yes or no? We both really like each other. But we just met. Oh and you are gonna scream at me but, I met him online. YES HE'S REAL! I know, I'm stupid. =[


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  • Well. Just because you met him over the internet doesn't mean anything. To tell you the truth, that's how I met mine, and now we have been dating for almost 5 months. If he lives there, and you think he's someone you would like to spend time with, then I think you should give it a try. Something good comes out of everything. Go with what your heart tells you to do! Maybe he's what you want in a guy, and just because you met him off the internet doesn't mean he's a bad person.


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  • Hey...I met my girlfriend on line. There's nothing wrong with that! If you are getting along well, and you both are happy, there is no reason not to meet him. How else are you going to know how you feel about him? Keep the communication going.

  • Meeting someone online should be no different than in person. To answer the question, you obviously should say yes. But he may not ask you. If I get turned down, I walk away and don't look back. You may need to make a move yourself.


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