Do I have to move for love?

I've been trying really hard for several months online to find a guy. But I'm having no luck at all! People tell me I'm great! But guys around me overlook me all the time!

I've talked to many guys on GAG, Whisper and other social apps, and they all say I'm attractive and that I'd be a great catch. But none of the guys near me pay me any attention. I don't get it!

Someone recently suggested me moving to find a guy. But I'd have to move pretty far just to meet some of the guys I've been talking to. I also don't want to leave my family and friends. I am already pretty lonely :(


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  • where do u live, where would u like to go?
    Maybe the guys online dont go after u cause they are far from u

    • No, these guys are close to me. I can see their location. I am from Canada.

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    • I have no idea. I've talked to many random guys about this and they can't figure it out either :S

    • I bet if u post ur pic, we could tell

  • Where are you from?

  • From Toronto now I am an I emigrant looking for love and a new start.


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