Did I make a mistake with the girl I like?

I have a class with her. I think she might like me cause she always gets excited when she sees me and talks to me a lot. She laughs at my jokes usually, and she doesn't seem to pay attention to anyone else.

I was gonna ask her out today in class but she was absent. So I sent her a text asking if she was doing anything tomorrow night, and invited her to go do something with me.

Was that a mistake?


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  • well. did she reply?

    • im waiting, its only been 10 minutes

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    • are you busy tomorrow night, would you want to go do _blank_ with me?

    • she's probably crafting up a text. i'd give her an hour or so. (especially if it's more of a "date" kind of thing. like a single one on one...) i mean if i were her i would be somewhat nervous to text back.

      so no. and you didn't lay yourself on the line completely. i mean if she doesn't reply. you can just jokingly shake it off in class like no big deal.

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  • U showed u are needy and desperate... Coz u couldn't wait till she comes to class and instead of asking her face to face... u chose the texting route...

  • Did she reply?