I started seeing a new guy, but I just had sex with a guy I was trying to get over? Do I tell him?

Short n sweet: we're all 21, juniors at college. I met GUY 1 over Christmas and we had sex a few times over the course of 2 months. Then I caught feelings and tried to cut him out of my life (2 weeks ago). Then popped in GUY 2. We met at my college and clicked so well that we spent every day together for hours and hours. We have NOT had sex because I told him my situation of ending things with this other guy and being very hurt. So we've made out and whatnot. He told me he has caught full feelings for me. He has already boughten me nonexpensive gifts, is planning our future (i. e. Let's travel here. I'll pay to take you anywhere, I just want to make you happy), and is saying how I made him get out of his depression and loneliness.

it was my spring break and I was home... Tonight I caved and saw my ex sex bud (GUY 1). We had rather fast but very satisfying sex.. Actually one of our best times.

Do I tell GUY 2?


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  • For God sake... OK.. this is what you do: DO NOT tell him UNTIL you decide whether or not you actually want to stop seeing guy 1. I mean if the sex is already good...

    If you decide you want to keep seeing guy 1 then tell guy 2 you've been a bit of a slut for another guy and you will just end up hurting him over and over so it's better that you just hurt him a lot one time and say goodbye.

    If you decide you like guy 2 better, actually have sex with him instead of thinking you're doing the right thing by being a slut for guy 1 and a cock tease for guy 2. If guy 2 isn't as satisfying for you between the sheets, tell him afterwards that there is this other guy you've already been seeing and it's best not to go on as an item.

    • The problem is that I like GUY 2's personality more.. We really get along, but sexually I don't go ga-ga for him... And GUY 1 is this huge athlete... Visually he is perfect but his personality is not clicking with mine.
      Also gUY 1 and I live an hour apart so we see each other every few weeks which sucks. GUY 2 lives right below my floor lol.

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    • But I don't like just having sex that freely. I've only had 2 sexual partners and it was because I wanted to have sex with them without any doubt. This guy, I don't really want to have sex with.

    • Then stop stringing him along and being a cock tease. It's cruel.


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  • Yes, you should tell guy 2, don't wait for the truth to get exposed, confess it to him, he will only appreciate your honesty.

  • yes you should definitely tell this to the guy 2. and no offense but you cheated on him, which i hate when people cheat on honest people. dont know why you people do this.

    • But we weren't official

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    • I meant with guy 2. I am so hung up on guy 1 because of our sexual connection. It's infatuation I realize... But I can't let him go

    • okay then yeah i would say cut the ties with guy 2.

  • No do not tell him


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