Condoms sliding off sometimes?

Hey i was just wondering do different brand condoms use different material or lubricants? Eg Water based lubricant etc. Im having occasions where they are slipping off and i wanna try a different type if it will help. Anyone else have this problem or know a good brand of condom?


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  • You need a different size. There are tons of different style, size, material and lube. Go to the store they are all there.

    • doesn't one size fit all though? You can wrap those things round your arm

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    • Oh really, the ones im using at the moment just say four seasons regular but nothing about sizing 😕

    • If they're falling off and not just after you cum then go for smaller condoms

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  • Yeah... you need a better fitting condom. Look up the nominal widths of condoms that you're using and go a couple of mms smaller until you find something that fits well.

    And most important advice of all... DO NOT, UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES, LISTEN TO WOMEN's ADVICE ON THIS MATTER. They don't have any idea of the pains and dangers of incorrectly sized condoms. If you want good advice on condoms, go ask a player or a prostitute.

    • Yeah ok cheers dude!

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    • There are 4 most common sizes that are easily found everywhere.
      Condoms don't even prevent all STIs
      And I did mention different styles

    • @CrazynKinky Please stop. This isn't about you. The kid needs some good info, and you're just letting your ego get in the way.