Is this girl playing me or scared of losing me for a next date?

I have to do mandatory training again on Thursday and then we're moving everything this week. Still not in the new house everything got delayed so I can't actually give you a day to be honest. I don't want to make plans and feel like a bitch because i have to cancel them (she also included a worried face emoji here) xx


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  • What on Gods green earth are you talking about?

    • in short
      we had a first date about three weeks ago which went amazing well she even said on the date she thought we got on really well and text me saying next time is on her!
      Next day she found out she is moving so been trying to set up a 2nd date but she keeps saying she is busy with moving, work and uni!
      I just wanted to know if i should just walk away or if she does care still?

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    • thanks will do

  • i honestly think she's just scared and really busy. give it a little more time try not to push anything and let her let you know when she's ready. i wouldn't worry too much about it, i dont think she's playing you.

    • thanks what do you mean by scared? you mean losing out with me?

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    • wicked thanks

    • she replied with this, is she still scared of losing me or playing me -
      I haven't actually been to the house yet I've had to stay at my uncles since Friday because of work now I have uni till wed. So will be going back tonight then coming back to my uncles so I can get to uni :I so long! So I have to spend Thursday and Friday my days off unpacking everything then work again on the weekend and I really need to start on my two assignments. Feel like I'm none stop ATM it's really driving me mad ! So this week doesn't look like a good idea ha aye next week but not on Monday as that's my birthday and suppose to be going to the theatre straight from uni xx

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  • Can't say if she is playing you, if this has happened only once, but if this is something that happens regularly then there is every chance that she is playing games with you.