Should I ask him On a date again?

Long story short, We have gone On 3dates, in the beginning I lagged it because I was talking to a Guy already But decided to give him a shot And Then went On 3 dates after rescheduling 4 times in the past because I was seeing someone. Of course, he doesn't know that I didn't go out with him because I was talking to someone before... I just don't like dating 2guys at once.

Anyways... he doesn't reach out anymore, if I text, he replies quick And in paragraphs... should I ask him out again? Before our 3rd date, I had asked him out But he couldnt make it so Then he rescheduled our 3rd date. So did he loose interest? Or do I keep reaching out? It has been 3weeks like this. I Really like him And feel bad that at first I focused On the wrong guy.

And please Help On how to ask... Im scared because lately I'm the one reach ing out.


What Guys Said 1

  • you should definitely ask him out again.


What Girls Said 1

  • I would say let him come to you, that way you know he's genuinely interested. Guys like to chase. If he wants you he'll chase you. You've shown interest so leave the ball in his court.