I can't get her out of my mind?

I met this girl a while ago, she is 24 and a PhD student. I basically live there half the time, and when im by myself, I am constantly feeling like I am missing something. Like what did I do before to entertain myself? I cannot rememeber.

Then also, the 2nd time we met, she invited me over to her house (lives with her mom, who is like my 2nd mom now) and after supper, we went to her bedroom and watched netflix, now that barely happens, why?

Also what is going through my head now is the fact that before I would lean on her shoulder and stufff, but now my other friend said "so you basically stopped touching her now" I didn't realize it, but yes, I guess I did :/ I think since im so confortable there that I stopped trying to flirt or something? What is she thinking? And what do you think my reason for stopping is?

Thanks for the help :)


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  • You should have made it clear that you're interested in her. Now she thinks that you only see her as a friend.


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  • It sounds like confusion between whether you are like brother and sister or something more. That confusion can go both ways. One of you could feel like the other treats you like family but wants more and that can create awkwardness. However that awkwardness can also happen is one of you wants to keep it as family but fears the other is attracted. It's hard to say what's going on or should be going on.

    • I know, its confusing, but either way it's annoying since she is always on my mind...