Is he interested or just being nice?

I started talking with this guy, he's an actor in la and he works, I randomly just messaged him saying " You're soo cute hope you have a lovely day" he replied saying Aw thanks, then I replied saying you're welcome and told him that I'd love to meet him and that he seems like a cool person, he replied saying "That's so nice of you but I'm busy on set all week and I work but id love to meet you when one of my meet and greets happen but feel free to snap me whenever you want" I did and he just opened them without replying and I sent him a message the next day saying " how've you been?" and no reply, is he just not interested and was just being nice or is he just super busy and can't reply, how much longer should I wait till I talk to him again?


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  • He is not that interested. Don't text him.

    • what makes you say that?

    • He didn't reply twice even when you asked him a question. Let it go. You're wasting your time.


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  • Could be anything really, but probably just busy.

  • It could be a little of both

    • both of what? busy and possibly interested or just being nice and not interested?

    • He said maybe you'll meet at his next meet and greet. Sounds like to me he is just treating you like a fan.

    • I told him that id love to get to know him, he seems like a cool person so I don't think he sees me as a fan because I didn't approach him in a way a fan would, I simply approached him in a friendly, casual matter

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