Guys & Girls Would You Date Her?

Guys & Girls Would You Date Her?
Do I REALLY need to tell you that I'd date her? Sure there's a chance that'll she'll want to do the love making on a grave sight but I'll take that chance.😉

  • Fuck Yeah! Emo Women With Falcon Eyes & A Fierce Demeanor Are Sexy!;)
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  • I Dunno. I'd Have To Ask My Accountant *Opens Zipper*... My Accountant Is In My Pants.
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  • (Homer Simpson): THAT'S THE WOMAN I KNEW BACK IN HIGH SCHOOL WHO TALKED ABOUT HEALTHY EATING!!! Oh. And uh... homicidal world domination or something.
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  • Pass. But If I Get Rejected By Anymore Men I'll Give Her A Call & Consider Transitioning Teams!😃
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  • (Peter Griffin): Sorry But I Don't Women Who Look Like Potential Serial Killers. Unless They're Kill Meg.
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  • (Bender): Sure. I'll Date Anything That Could Later On Become A Potential Hoe. *Blows Smoke*.
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  • No Yo.
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