If a girl asks a guy out and he says yes, does that mean he is interested?

Went on one date with him few days ago and today I asked him out on a second date and he said yes, does he likes me?

We didn't kiss or anything on the first date, so I'm not sure if he friend-zoned me or not. He barely texts me, it's usually me initiating. I like this guy a lot but I'm not sure if he is being too nice because he likes me a lot or because he just wants to hang out as friends. I want to make a move on this second date and I'm so nervous and afraid of being rejected. :( How do I make a move?


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  • Different people do things at different times, but don't you think trying to make a move now is too soon?

    If you have that fear of rejection you've first gotta come to grips with yourself about the fact that it's a possibility. Accept that first, and THEN make a move, when you feel more comfortable with the thought of that possible outcome.

    That's what I'd do in your shoes. But do as you see fit.

    • I'm not afraid of rejection if it's told face to face, but I'm afraid that I'm wasting my time if his intentions are just friendly. I could be doing million other things and date other guys if that's the case. I'm fine with taking it slow, but I just want to know if this is going somewhere or not. I am very straight forward and I'm pretty sure he knows I'm into him. He knows I don't like playing games and that my sex drive is high and that I totally want to have sex with him. So what the hell is he waiting for?

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  • He probably likes you, otherwise he would have denied. Or he simply wanted to give you a chance. Did he seem nervous to you?