He said he isn't ready to date/be a boyfriend, should I remain friends or move on?

Basically we met out of left field, introduced by our families at a festival. I already knew who he was bc it's a small town and we have mutual friends but we never were aquatinted. Super charming/handsome. We ended up clicking well & adding each other on fb that night (he asked for my number but I didn't give him it). Talked practically every day for a month, he initialed a lot but I did my fair share. Between the end of this February & end of March we partied 3 times together two weekends in a row while he was staying in our hometown (he goes to school 40 min away & doesn't drive atm). Hooked up the 3rd time we hung out & he invited me over to his house the following Wednesday to hang out (sober) lol, which went well. He bought dinner & we watched movies at his house but didn't try anything w/ me but I ended up staying so we spooned/cuddled. The following days I felt him pulling back a little but he still initiated contact, my flirtatiousness wasn't being as reciprocated as much as before. So I straight up asked how he felt about us hanging out, & where he stood w/ our dynamic. He said: "Maybe I don't know dude. I haven't really been looking for a girlfriend for over a year. So I don't know if i can be a boyfriend. I think you're awesome but girls are nothing but trouble for someone like me lol. I am moving back to (our hometown) tho. Maybe we'll hang out more if you're up to it." (He's moving back in about a month, might I add he doesn't have his priorities straight.) So I kindly replied: I totally understand, and your happiness is important. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't stepping on any toes, I'm trying to going w/ the flow myself & to meet you was a pleasant surprise. We'll just see where life takes us by that time you've moved, maybe we'll be on the same page." I didn't want him to think I'd be waiting on him but I am feeling him. He didn't respond back but has been liking my posts on fb. So should I break the ice & message him something casual or just let him come to me?


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  • I agree with what the other person said. He doesn't want to be with you. He may want to hang out to hook up with you but from everything you said, it seems like that is all he is after. He will be talking to other girls and keep going back to you if you let him. Don't let him. I know it sucks and really hurts because you obviously really like this guy buy you just have to dodge the bullet now or it will hurt more later.


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  • Move on. Never put your life on hold


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  • He doesn't want to be with you. He enjoys hooking up with you and spending time with you but that's it.

    • Soo in your opinion should I just not talk to him anymore? I don't want to hold my breath for him to hmu when he moves here in a few weeks, I guess it's just my wishful thinking that he might. I'd rather guys say it's me and not let me off easy it would make things simpler lol.

    • If you want a relationship, no you should not talk to him.