I dont think i'm overreacting at all, do you?

recently me and my ex got back together after a rocky on and off 2 year relationship. we both agreed that we are exclusive to each other, still have crazy feelings for each other, and we both trust each other 100%. we didn't put the official label back on yet.

but it seems like she is just always busy and never "reserves" time for me in her life. when i ask her to hang out, she only agrees when she pretty much has no other plans/possibilities. or when i ask her to hang out and she says she has plans with her friends, i'm cool with that, but she knows the next day i'll want to hang out and will ask her at some point but again she says oh no i'm doing this tonight or i'm doing that tonight.

i'm not expecting her to dedicate her life to me, i know she has her life and her friends... but i just think its messed up that she seems to always make plans and have time for her friends and not me. it would be nice if she would maybe break plans with her friends when i ask her to hang out and choose me over her friends sometimes.


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  • I understand how you are feeling as you must feel like a last resort option. I was in your shoes but you really need to not make this about yourself and understand where she is coming from and ask yourself what sort of person do you really want to be with. Her friends were there when she was going through everything in your rocky two years.. Would you really want to be with someone that's flaky? If she's flaking on her friends last minute thats not that great of a trait is it? Try planning ahead lock in time and if she has nothing on but doesn't want to block out time for her then try talking to her but best way to bring it up is to tell her that it's nothing to do with her but because of the way you are and your past experiences you feel hurt/angry (whatever you feel) when she doesn't cancel her plans.. you admire that she isn't flaky and you understand you want her to have and spend time with her friends but sometimes you miss her or want to be with her and it upsets you when you can't.. The thing is the relationship isn't going to be the same this time round.. And really that's a good thing you want it to succeed dont you. So best way going forward is to be open and honest with your feelings and don't blame her because do you really think she's doing this to upset you on purpose? Always believe your partners intentions are pure she probably doesn't even realise it!


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  • You're not overreacting. This should just tell you that you two are incompatible.

    • well i know we are, but like i said we're kind of in a stage where we're "getting back together" and we said we'll take things slow and not rush into it. so it could be her way of taking things slow... or she is just blowing me off entirely

    • You have to sit down and talk to her dude.