Guys, What goes through your minds when a girl pours her heart out to you?

She's got to the point where she needs to tell you how she feels but it can be putting you in a "how do I handle this" situation.
Some guys say they get uncomfortable when a girl cries or gets mad while expressing her attraction to him?


What Guys Said 3

  • I'd feel like a goddamned rockstar if someone opened up to me like that (if I were single).

    • But would you not freak out?

    • Well no, not really. How I'd react and feel would really depend on the context - who it is, how well I know her, how long I've known her, etc.

      But if she cried or something like that, I'd try to comfort her and assure her that there's nothing wrong with what she feels and that I felt flattered that she'd see me that way, and I'd listen to what she had to say and we'd just talk about it, really.

  • Horrible because she just dumped one of her most vital organs onto me

  • I have no clue, as it has never happened to me before. But as long as she wasn't nuts, I'd likely appreciate it.