Drugs or our relationship?

I been going out with my boyfriend for three years and some months now and now am trying to let him hold back on pot. I did meet him when he smoke but I thought he would stop a little by now not go over board. When he's high he just gets reckless and an asshole. I love him so much, but I think down the line when we do live together am going to ask... is it me or weed?


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  • usually potheads it's opposite (if they smoke daily) reckless and unpredictable when sober and normal when high


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  • Let him decide , be direct ask him which he wants


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  • You must ask him to choose and do it before you bother to move in with him. Tell him you can't stand the thought of spending your life with an asshole pothead. Then be sure to follow through. Both of your lives will improve after he decides. . . . no matter whether he favors weed or you.
    Be prepared to hear his promise to quit followed by his continuing to sneak weed. Tell him right up front that you will find him out.

  • Honestly, he's not going to stop the weed likely. For your sake though I'd make him choose now before you get in deeper with him. He might even say he chooses you and just do the weed behind your back. He's addicted though so he's not likely going to stop. He'll have to WANT to stop himself and only for himself and he's likely no where near that point yet.

  • 30-35 I'd say you don't have all that much line left on the reel. Better to ask earlier to give yourself time to find alternatives should he choose the latter.

    • am not really 30-35 am 18

    • Fair enough.

      The 2nd part of comment still stands though, the sooner you ask him to choose the better. Life is too short to hang around waiting for people, especially drug users who turn into reckless assholes when they use.

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