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I was in a different state than I live in about four months ago and met this guy. We exchanged snapchats and started talkin bout a month ago he asked me to be his girlfriend. I said yes and all my friends say I'm weird cuz I'm datin a guy I've only "met" once, what do u think? by the way I'm 14, he's 16


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  • See don't care what other think
    Just do what you think right is and never regret on those decisions
    If you got me :P


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  • I see nothing wrong with it. It might be difficult to keep it going, as I've found out for myself. For me, it lasted about 6 months, and has gradually failed over the last 3. Be careful that you're not on the road to nowhere. You deserve the best.

  • Eh, things like that at that age rarely if ever last, it's like, the rules for a typical young teen relationship are as follows

    1) see them once or twice and start "dating" lol
    2) send each other cringey messages and shit
    3) after days, or a couple weeks at most it ends.

    Seriously, if give you two about 2 weeks at best, no offence to yourself, just those things never last long at all

  • well if you think he's a nice guy and worth it, then you should date him.


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