What is my next move?

I started sleeping with and hanging out with one of the guys in my group of friends. It's been about a month and I have started to acquire feelings for him. I told him if we continued to sleep together these feelings were going to escalate. He just said thanks for the heads up, but he wasn't really sure what to say to it but he would think on it. I just said okay because I don't want to push him. It's been 2 days since and he hasn't contacted me... I'm wondering what I should do? We have mutual friends and see each other in group settings at least twice a week so I don't want things to be awkward between us.


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  • If you didn't want anything to be awakard between you guys, you would have never done anything in the first place. So you guys are just friends with benefits then? he could not have feelings for you and it could only be sex. You should relax you did just tell him you have feelings for him. We are the the ones that cannot separate are feelings from sex. If he won't text you back in 5 days then you know he doesn't feel the same way. But you can't do much but wait for his response, also be prepared for the worse as well.

    • He is roommates with my best friend so waiting 5 days isn't an option. I'm going to be at his house tomorrow. My best bet probably is just to stop sleeping with him and try to be friends again. At least we caught it now instead of later

    • Yea that's the best option


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  • There's nothing much you can do, because he is unlikely to develop feelings for you. Just stop sleeping with him, that's all you can do.


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  • Its only as awkward as you make it.