How to definitely move on?

Hello, there's a girl I've been on a date and I thought that we did connect, which unfortunately was wrong.

Then, I've asked her out again like two times after that and she kept on telling that she can't make it because she already got plans or whatsoever excuse.

I have to move on, but I am unable to do it so far. I am always thinking of her and all, on top of that she is in one of the classes that we have in common which make it even more difficult. I do check on her discretely in class, it's out of my control seriously.

My heart wants her so badly, but my brain knows that I have to give up on her for my own well being.

I don't know what I can possibly do now, hoping to get some of your precious advices. Thank you.

I would appreciate more answers, thank you.
Can someone kindly provide me some guidance? Thank you


Most Helpful Guy

  • if your instincts really tell you that she's not good for you, then cut her off from your circle and find someone else quicky through a dating app or somewhere else so you won't have to think about her


What Girls Said 1

  • There is no such thing as being unable to. Just don't text her/talk to her. It's that easy.


What Guys Said 1

  • cut her off she is talking to another guy