Is Love for significant other lustful and sexual?

  • Yes
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  • No
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  • I dint used to agree to this... but now i do...
    basically i used to think love is pure and there should be no lust in it...
    but when i met my ex girlfriend.. she said i love u and i wana fuck u so bad..
    and i was like wtf... she said i love u and i want sex from u...
    and i know she loved me from heart... but she was full of lust for me...
    so i can say "yes".. for some people...
    for some people... love = lust... for some people love = no lust..
    but the people for whome love = lust... it doesn't make them bad or we should degrade their love... they love their partner as much as the people for whom love = no lust... its just for lusty people as long as ur having sex with them they will love u... as soon as u stop fullfilling their lust... they will jump on some new person

  • I think it's true, there will be some lust in love also.

  • There's always some lust in love


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  • Of course it is.