Does this girl likes me if she says yes? read the story?

i got paired up with a girl, i found her attractive so i iniated few conversation, i asked a question she responded it with the same, sample "which school do you go?" she then asked me the same, she didn't smile that much but still

next training session: i really find her attractive so i try hard as i can to get to talk to her, so i saw her and then i asked her "your name is... right?" she said yes, and then i asked her if she wanted to pair up again. she was more comfortable and we both smiled and we made some kind of eye contact

next training session; i told her do you wanna pair up again? she said yes, and now we both complimented eachother kicks and boxes, we both smiled and made some kind of joke, sample: i said ladies first, i wanted her to start with the kicks and she responded, age before beuty lol at the end of this session i told her which days do you go training on, she then asked me the same question.

NOW for the real question; this Sunday we will have our training session at 10:00 Am in the morning and it will end at 11;30, i will try to get pair up with her, and after our trainign session i will try to ask her if she wants to eat lunch with me, if she says YES does that mean she is intrested in me or just maybe as a friend?


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  • It will not necessarily mean she is interested. It could be possible that she only sees you as a friend.


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  • Check out my take its useful for questions like these.