He asked me out for Thurs, it's now Tuesday night and he hasn't texted to confirm time/place, how long before the "date" should I give him to text me?

This question is a little tricky. A few months ago, I "talked" to this guy for about a month and it ended with him feeling me too much and me not feeling him at all. Now I have a crush on his frat brother (and close friend). I asked the guy I used to "talk" to if it would be cool for me to "shoot my shot" at his friend and he said that I should go for it and that he thinks I "got this in the bag" (whatever that means). So I did. I messaged the guy on Twitter with a really corny pick up line that nonetheless seems to have worked because he asked me out for dinner. We're both pretty busy (I'm in law school and he's in the marines) so he asked me when I was free for "dinner or drinks." I said, "any day but Wednesday." He said, "okay great Thursday works best for me." I said, "Works for me." Then he never responded. This conversation took place Sunday. It's now Tuesday evening. Is this normal?


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  • Yea, lots of guys just literally wait till the last minute to plan something, wait until Thursday around lunch time and then be like "are we still hanging out tonight" or w/e just in case he forgets.


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  • Hmm. You guys never actually made a date. So... try this:

    "Thursday night is such and such at The Bar Place in Wherever Village. Would you like to meet me there for a Whatever?"

    This should illicit a response. If yes, then yay. If no but he gives another day, ok. If he makes an excuse and no make up date, he's not interested after all.

    Taking a phrase from Nike: Just Do It!