This question is for girls from developed countries. will you guys love to marry an Indian/Pakistani /Bangladeshi/srilankan village boy?

provided, he is a village boy. but he's liberal, loyal, celibate untill marriage, non smoker, doesn't drink, non religious, doesn't hold big degrees;but intelligent and has good knowledge and open mind towards the world. will you settle with him in his village? girls from big and developed cities of third world countries can also comment.🙏


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  • Settle with him in his village? Hell, no.


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  • sorry bud. most people tend to prefer their own race and cultural attitudes - city people especially think that the cultural attitudes of other countries are inferior to their own. they think that these people are slow-minded and regressive, even being liberal and open-minded as you are you would be slow to adjust to the patterns of such people in the fast-paced world. I am not saying it is right or wrong but that it is how it is.

    BUT this does not mean all people would be closed about dating outside their own race or culture certainly not. and if you lived and worked somewhere for a while that had the kinds of people that you wanted to associate with, slowly you would adapt to their own way of life, learn to speak their language more fluently than you already do (your English is good :) ) and become more integrated in their language in general (the language not of words - but of ideas and expressions). and then, when you have become more integrated you may surprise yourself because you find it is perhaps not so great as you think but that the opposite is true.

    sometimes the most civilised of cultures are also the most barbaric.

    • sure. not even the girls of our cities wanna get married to village guys. but because of horoscope matchings sometimes it happens (90%) of our marriages are arranged by the elders according to our horoscopes.

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    • no no 😄 I was just asking. I want a village girl to marry. I can't handle a city girl.


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  • No I wouldn't, simply because of cultural differences. The education, language, and social behavioural differences are too much for myself - I don't think we would really connect or have much in common.

    And generally speaking guys - not all guys, but most - from any of the above villages tend to have a completely different mentality from here in the UK.


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  • Good lord, if I were female I would definitely refuse. Cities only!

  • U asking this question answers it already..
    U dont think u deserve a girl from developed country..
    You're question is already an answer. Period

    • 🙋 umm you got it wrong. I'm asking for the most common attitude. normal girls from developed countries. I belong to Kerala and there are a lot of Italian, French, Russian, American and Spanish settled here marrying locals. but those ladies are free minded who consider all humans beings as same. some love the culture and arts; some the climate and stuff. Russian girls are of high standards; most of them get attracted to Kerala as they visit here. but once in a forum, I saw some Russian girls calling Indian people, roaches. but we Indians ignored those comments. an Indian is hardwired to love mother Russia and her progenies no matter what they say about us. that is the difference. travelling Russians love India but some of the people who stay in Russia hate india. I not only mean India , but also the villages of all the above mentioned countries.

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    • @BertMacklinFBI

      * state, not country *

    • @the_rake yes 😂 it's probably be the only state in India where no religious or caste riots ever happened.