Red flags bad signs?

I have been seeing a guy for nearly two months and he's starting to show his true colours. He asked to see me tonight but meet half way so when I said could he come to mine he flipped !! He was yelling at me down the phone he wouldn't let me speak he was calling me inconsiderate etc because I asked if he would come to me , but after I agreed to meet him half way then he says no I can't because I have no car tonight :/ it's like he's playing games I came off the phone I tears earlier after he yelled at me :( it really hurt my feeling I'm too nice that's my fault , is this red flags and should I end it?


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  • The "honeymoon" stage of the relationship is over and now he's showing his ass.

    That's basically all I'm getting from this so far. Need more elaboration.

    • His messages are so blunt coming across nasty :( I said ok we will me half way and he replied " I told you I ain't got a car " .. That was it I've left it

    • Give it a day for you and him to cool off. He keeps acting the ass, then you've got some thinking to do about how much he really means to you.

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  • I think you should stop talking to him. Yes, that is a red flag.