I've been dating a guy for some time now and we get on really well. We have the same friends and so much in common. I think he likes me, last night we stayed up talking etc and it was lovely!!!

Today he is going to visit 'friends' down south, he just got the train there. But I think he might be lying and it might be to visit a girl as I've heard his friends mention a past romance.

I mean, that's okay, but I have no idea where I stand with him and I'm not even at the stage to ask, or make things official. I don't want to scare him away- but it's the fact that I have no idea. I also see him liking her photos. I'm just really falling for him and when he is with me it seems the same (we have kissed).


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  • then you need to ask, "do you like me?" and if he say's "yes" then you need to ask "do you love me?". This is a typical situation where everything can go wrong if you leave things to the last minute. You need to be assertive and bold with you words. I can understand this, but if you are really curious about his life, ask if he has a girlfriend to make sure you aren't falling for someone who might be in love with someone else. We guys don't like to make things complicated and like everything to be as simple as possible. It that or maybe that's just me expressing my own feelings :P

    • thank you! I know he doesn't have a girlfriend but I think she was a summer fling and he's going to visit her (I've only heard that through his friends though)

  • Not sure if he is lying or not.


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  • Hard to tell if he's lying to you or not. If you guys have mutual friends, maybe you should attempt asking them.