How to transition out of the friendzone when you two like each other?

I've had a crush on this guy for awhile, and now he said he likes me too. We're really good friends. We've never made physical contact besides for a high five. How do we transition to "dating?"

by the way things are pretty awkward between us as of right now


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  • "We are so great together, you ever think about us dating?"

    • I've asked him out. We both don't drive though, so I have no idea how it would work.

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    • Hmm, kinda heart breaking. No offence, but once again religion ruins it for people!

    • So true

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  • Be more suggestive towards him.

    • He's super conservative and we only talk at school and by texting, so How do I do that?

    • Touch him more, tickle him etc.


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  • It all starts with a kiss.
    But the main thing is to go for excitement, and comfort-ability.
    You didn't become a friends over night, and it won't transition to more over night either. Be patient, take it slow, and above all, have fun.

    • He asked me out a week ago, and Apparently he told all of my friends that when he asked me out, nothing changed in our relationship so he doesn't want to do that again because of that and bc it was super stressful for him.

  • Good question!

  • seuxality and exclusivity

    • How do I get that? I like him a lot, but Its not really lust.

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