Girls, what should I think of this?

Long story short, we were friends for a good long while before we started dating. I really like this girl and she likes me. We're really alike and get along EXTREMELY well. Anyways one day we were talking about our exes and how we interact with them now apposed to when we were with our exes (my current girlfriend and I met and bonded as friends by talking about our exes, so it's no big deal). I said that I am completely out of the picture with my ex, I said we're not friends anymore and that I don't have any desire to be friends with her. Then she asked me if I would be friends with her if we broke up. And I said I doubt it, bc I find it hard to be friends with your ex for numerous reasons. She thought it was a bit humorous. Then two weeks later she randomly says in a kinda flirty way "I can't believe you won't be friends with me if we broke up!!" I didn't know what to think of this. Is she possibly implying that she may want to breakup? Or am I just overthinking this completely. Everything else in the relationship is solid, I just hate hearing her bring up the scenario of breaking up.


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  • She is scared over the possibility of losing you if you ever break up.


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  • I think your over thinking it everyone is afraid of a break up especially if we really like that person just do the best you can in your relationship