How to pursue a guy your hooking up with?

I got out of a serious relationship about 9 months ago. It took the first six to get over it, and then I was ready to date. The issue was, I didn't really like anyone enough to pursue them and the guys interested in me weren't my type. I am in college and my club sports team is having a formal. A few weeks ago I super liked this guy from the team on tinder, and about two weeks ago he liked me back. We chatted a bit and then he asked me to the formal. I said yes. He's a year younger than me and I don't know him super well but when I actually started to think about him, I realized he's really nice and funny, so I started to like him. The next day we were both at a party, got really drunk, and went home together. We made out but didn't have sex. He was away that weekend but we texted a bit. The next week I was at a bar and saw him, then we went back to a party together and again slept together. This time we had sex but he said the next day he was really drunk and didn't remember. The following day the same type of thing happened, but he was less drunk. Again, he was away this weekend but we texted. Every time we sleep together we stay the night and cuddle a lot. But then we don't hang outside of these parties where we meet up. I tried to text him yesterday but he stopped responding. The formal is tomorrow and I know we will have fun, but I actually like him and want to date him (or at least get to know him better). I've never been the "pursuer" in a relationship and I don't know what to do. I don't want to scare him away. Help!


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  • you have to be pursuer if you really want him, because as i see he doesn't care about you that much, and if you dont want to be a pursuer then ask to one of your friend to ask him that does he like you or not, or just move on.


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  • Don't do that. Odds are that you're going to get your heart broken. I'd advice you to stop seeing him.