If a guy and girl have this text conversation would you say they are possibly just friends or definitely into each other (more than friends)?

He sent her "good night ❤️"

She replied , "good night ❤️😍"

  • Possibly just friends
    73% (8)12% (1)47% (9)Vote
  • They like each other romantically
    27% (3)88% (7)53% (10)Vote
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  • Before you go nuclear on your boyfriend or hubby for what you saw on his phone, remember that these are just texts and emojis (and not evidence of actual cheating).

    Now, you have two options. Accuse him of cheating and go apeshit on him Jerry Springer show style and drive him straight into the arms of this female "friend." Or, be extra nice to him, accuse him of nothing, and do whatever it takes to remind him of why he's with you in the first place (use your imagination here).

    It's your choice. If you do find out he's cheating, THEN go Jerry Springer on him but I've had tons of female friends text hearts or even say "I love you" and there was never anything romantic or sexual happening. So, it's probably not as bad as you think.


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  • Not sure, but looks like they are close friends and there is good understanding between them, because they are using heart emoji and smileys.

  • I just don't send heart emojis just to any girl now lol

  • She definitely wants the D


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