How come when I talk to guys now it never gets further than a phone call or a text and no dates?

I approach guys but it never goes further than making plans and calling and texting and then they go ghost on me

I have had a boyfriend before and I have no problem with rejection but ghosting is so rude

I just deleted those guys numbers and forgot about them


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  • Well you got the right additude, who needs those guys. I can't say as to why. If a girl wanted to date or hangout with me and we made a plan I would go. That being said I'm a man of my word though.


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  • Where do you meet those guys?

    • Train stations
      Shopping centers

    • I assumed that you meet them online.
      You're probably unlucky, but then again the majority of people suck, so it's hard to find someone worthy in the first place.
      As for ghosting, I agree with you. It's worse than rejection.

    • I would rather get rejected by a person I meet in public than in real life, at least I know what they look like you know. its not like I go out with the intention of meeting a guy, sometimes I just run into a guy


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  • Not sure what could be the reason, but the way you are dealing with that is right

  • Perhaps you're not making the conversatiojns very fun


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