Is it weird that he has not said I love you after 3 months?

My boyfriend basement said I love you yet. I've been reading about signs on the internet and don't think e is falling yet. In fact I find he's been less sensitive to my needs. Should I be worrie that he won't ever fall in love?


Most Helpful Guy

  • I won't ever say it -- at least not in the context of a man and woman. She'll know it, though.

    And really, the best thing for him is to not allow himself to fall in love. Falling in love is devastating to relationships. It allows relationships to remain which should have long ago dissolved. But for him, it's also a terrible exploit that he needs to keep closed for his own safety.

    You should ask yourself which is more important:
    - that you have a stable, life-long, loving partner, or...
    - someone who you can control

    If you don't need to control him, then stop worrying about whether or not he ever "falls in love (gets intoxicated)."

    If you do need to control him, then... look for someone with a little less emotional intelligence. Go look for a white knight.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're 26 years old.
    I don't mean to mention your age, but I think at this stage in life you'd understand there is no "set" time that someone should say I love you.
    People love at different times.
    Some people (sadly) never fall in love no matter how much time as passed.
    The fact of the matter is, is that he cares for you.
    Continue to let things flow.
    Are you questioning this because you love him and you fear he doesn't love you yet?


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  • I took me 2 years to say it lol. dafuq. If I said it in 3 months I'd feel like a stage 4 clinger.

  • you tell him. he has to reply 😜


What Girls Said 1

  • No, that is not weird at all. Some people take many months or years, it is not an easy thing to say. Also, pushing a guy for more or if he even gets the feeling that you are getting pushing a more serious thing than him you will also scare him. It has only been three months, I would still keep it light and fun for now and really until he says it. Guys fall in love with the fun lighthearted girl they first met, not the needy, serious, pushing the future on them girl.