Pay the bill on the first date is good?

I hung out with a girl of my course and I paid the bill alone. Later that night, she did not give me a kiss. I was sucker to pay the bill, or should I do it without expecting anything in return? (A kiss, for exemple) She's just taking advantage of me, or should I call her to come out again?


What Girls Said 1

  • Inviting someone out to a meal is a nice gesture.
    But never feel they owe you something in return because of that.
    You are not paying for a prostitute.
    Real feelings take time to develop and if someones shy they may take time to come out of their shell.
    That's perfectly fine.
    You'll know if she's into you or not by how she acts around you and by whether she initiates contact or not.


What Guys Said 2

  • Dating is not a mercantile transaction where one action must be repaid with another. Date who you want to be with not who you can get things out of.

  • Here's the thing.

    Paying the bill on the first date doesn't make a girl owe you anything. The purpose of paying the bill is to not cock-block yourself with women who find this shit important. That's it. It's a defensive tactic.

    If you like the girl, call her out again. If you don't like her, then don't. Paying the bill doesn't have anything to do with it.