How do I get over him?

there's this guy named Ron at my school and one day when everyone was hanging out at my friends house he was flirting with me a lot , he made me sit on his lap and he tried to kiss me a lot , but then I would say no . but after a while I couldn't resist so me and him french kissed a lot , I thought it was a one time thing but then on the next day we french kissed again . but then he told me he had a girlfriend and I felt so bad . but now I'm starting to have feelings for him he was my first kiss and he was really cute and fit <33333333 and now on Facebook it says he has in a relationship with a girl and I just can't stop thinking about the times we had and everything we did .


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  • He sounds like a player to me. I wouldn't be to interested in a guy like that anyway. If he cheated on his current girlfriend, if you do get into a relationship with him, he'll probably cheat on you too. The best thing you could do is go hang out with friends, go do fun stuff and try to forget about him.

  • Ooo-re this happen to me too! It is vair vair hard to get over a guy like this. But what I did is go out and look for another boy to crush on. Clubs and stuffs. Delete his number and stuff. It helps me forget the guy.