Is there any girl who can spare some time and talk to me? I am guy with nothing special to attract girls. I have nothing to give or loss. Anyone?


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  • Lmao you really know how to make yourself sounds like a good catch.

    • Yes, I do sound like a desperate person. I fully agree with you. I hope one day you realize that it is a bit more difficult for guys to find a girl. and as a guy aged over 22 and who has never ever been in a relationship, it is bit difficult to not act like a desperate person.

    • Lol it's just more difficult for unattractive people to find a partner. Gender makes 0 difference.

  • Hey guy with nothing special to attract girls...

    How's it going. I am here now

    • Hi How are you?

    • I am 24 years old doing BS Mechanical Engineering from Pakistan. Where do you live?

    • @Asker great! I am from st vincent and the grenadines which consist of a chain of island that come together as one. It is located in the Caribbean.