Every body tells me I look older than I am, is that a bad thing?

I'm 15 and 5'9 ish I'm relatively thin, pale with rosy cheeks (basically just typically English) and brown wavy hair, but everybody always expects me to be about 18 or even older! However, it's not in like a 'she's so hot' kind of way or like she's so edgy lmao or whatever -ahaha ha that's so cringy. And I don't usually dress 'revealing' because it makes me feel awkward and older people like hit on me and it's weird and ehhhh guys my own age don't seem to be interested. People tell me I'm more girlfriend material than just getting with them ahh this whole post is cringy af. Anyway yeh so I don't really know if it's a good thing or not lmao

Also the guys my age who are interested in me are like really intense and I find it weird


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  • I personally think it's a bad thing to look older than your age. Sure at your age people tend to be obsessed with looking older than one is because they think it's cool, but later on, not so much cause people say how you age badly so quickly and so and so.

    People say I am a baby face so I have the opposite problem, I sometimes have younger people (15-16) going for me rather than older and trust me that's kinda worse at my age.

    And also, be happy people see you as girlfriend material rather than hook up material. I hate being seen as hook up material only, it gets really irritating after a while.


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  • It can be good and can be bad, it's really just up to you!

  • Well it depends on how you grow up and age in general. It could be fine, but in most cases it's a bad thing later on.