I'm not sure if I like him that much. What should I do?

So there's this guy that I've known for a few months and we are together now. He lives far away so we only get to see each other once during a week (maybe once in two weeks if we dont have time), and he's cool and all. But he lives far away and I get bored pretty easily of things, and I get bored during the weeks we dont see each other. We also can't stay at each others house: his parents dont want, and my family makes fun of me if the see i have something going on.
I'm really confused about what i want, and the fact that he lives away makes me not want a relationship. But he's a cool guy so I do want to continue seeing him. What should I do? Can someone give me their opinions


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  • Break up with him

  • I would just explain to him that he is too far away, and that you want a relationship that you can see the person everyday in. Afterall, you can't stay with someone you don't have feelings for! Please answer mine:)

    • Thanks that was helpfull :)