I'm in love with a girl and can't express it to her fully as she has a boyfriend and I don't know what to do any help?

I'm sorry for being a such fool but I need advice.

Basically I have known this girl since I went to secondary school at that time I only had a crush on her and we got to know each other a bit more but she went off to uni and I would rarely see her but when we do meet up we get on really well, we are flirty with each other and she just has an amazing personality and my feelings for her grew but i did not believe that she felt the same way at the time.

Now she is back from uni and I'm going travelling next week which is going to be good but poor timing, so we were out for a few drinks last night she was there and we talked for the a lot of night being touchy/flirty with each other and she even said that she fancied me for quite a while and she still did a little bit which is good but obviously it does not help my situation as I wish I knew at the time but she has a boyfriend now and I totally respect that but it just pains me that I can not fully tell her how I feel as I don't want to fade out without her knowing.

Sorry for being a long winded post but I feel like this is the only way I can express myself at the moment as I have a gut feeling I will marry this girl at some point in my life.

Please tell me if I am being an complete idiot and she just forget about it all together. Thanks.


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  • You aren't and idiot. I think you and her are on the same page. And have that same gutt feeling.


What Guys Said 1

  • You got to stop treating her like she's special. She isn't. There are better women out there for you. Stop wasting your time dragging this dead wheel and move on.