Should I stop talking to him?

So I'm dating this guy well at least I think we are dating. We are physical with each other and he always says that I have a nice body. I asked him if that is all he thought of me as as and he said so far yeah I do. He thinks I am not being myself around him like I'm holding something back that's why he feels that way. But I am acting myself. I told him that this is how I am and that is he going to always feel that way about me. I really like him but I feel like we are not on the same page. I asked if we should stop being physical with each other then maybe he won't feel that way but he never answered. I'm not sure what to do in a situation like this. What do you think I should do? Should I forget about him?


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  • I never understand why girls like to just place restrictions on you like this. If you have feelings for this guy why would you come up with all these conditions for how he should act and limit your exposure to him. Just be genuine, laugh, whatever, if you two are feeling it, let it be. It's kinda annoying otherwise, I mean how do think it feels to make someone think "they have to earn you". For me it's a major turn off.

    • I don't want to limit him but I don't want to be the girl he just hooks up with and that is what it really feels like to me.

    • It's always kinda tricky.
      But at the base, you just wanna know if this person really appreciates you. Not your body, not physical sensations, but the inherent sense of identity that you craft. And it's hard to make that delineation. It really takes time. Maybe right now he does just wanna kiss you but he's probably still making up his mind. This type of decision isn't just made so suddenly.


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  • By physical you mean you guys are having sex right?

    Honestly if your asking him if y'all should stoo being physical sounds like something a girl would say to me to grab my attention and my answer would be YES, no more physical.

    You sound like you want more of him.

    • Yes I do mean sex. And I want more from him but it seems like I am not going to get it. He says he wants a relationship but maybe it's not with me. I asked if we should not have sex and he never said anything

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    • He tells me he isn't talking to other women and he says that he doesn't want me talking to other men

    • Lol... And you believe him i suppose..

      Hun a guy that wants to be single will play like that, it sounds like he just wants to have you whenever he pleases..

      Be careful, you can get hurt by this guy.

  • Well he answers your question sounds like he's in it for the sex and not as bf/gf and if he feels your holding back and your not that's just an excuse for not wanting to be serious and he only thinks of you that way. It won't change so either enjoy the sex and know it's nothing more or find someone else.

  • There's no serious thing to forget about him. Do you feel unusual with him?

    • No not at all

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    • Why do you think he would ask me to stay the night one night? Just curious

    • I think he was lonely and needed a company

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