Guy canceled first date?

So I’ve been talking to a guy on Tinder for the past three weeks. He seems really nice and we hit it off. Since he’s going to school full time and I’m working full time and going to school part time it’s been hard to find a day that worked for us to meet. We had agreed to grab drinks two night's ago but he texted me that afternoon and canceled. He said that he had a last minute group meeting that he had to go to instead for a project since they had messed a part of it. After canceling he then asked if I was free any this weekend, but since it’s my weekend to work at my job I wasn’t free. I told him when I was free next week but haven’t heard anything back yet. It's been two days since he last texted me. Does this sound like a legit excuse? Why didn’t I hear anything back?


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  • It sounds legit. Maybe he is busy and hopefully when he is free he will hit you up when he has time.


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  • I'd send him one more text saying, "Hey, did you get my previous text?"
    If he doesn't answer after that then I'd consider this a lost case.