I am 20 years old and never had a serious relationship, help?

I am a sophmore in college, and I get insecure about this sometimes. I know that I am pretty and all that stuff but it really bothers me sometimes. I am a very outgoing and confident girl, but I always end up making guy friends. I have benn out with guys in college and stuff but it never ends up leading to something serious. I am not just going to get in a relationship to say im in a relationship because I dont need one but it would be nice if it were to happen. I also have high standards because guys I've went out with just tried to sleep with me and I want to be respected by a guy for once. I dont wnna settoe for something less than I know that i deserve, but I also dont want to be a 28 year old and never had a boyfriend because that is weird to me. I want to settoe down eventually and it scares me because what if i never find someone. I know I have a lot to offer but no one wants me. Please help lol


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  • All what i can conclude is that you are both smart and pretty thus it will take some time more for you to get the right one
    Just don't rush into it


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  • Do you currently have a guy friend that you are interested in romantically? If you do, I suggest letting him know how you feel- as scary as that can seem- leave at that, and see what he says. Something like, "I really like you, but I feel awkward because we are such good friends" could do.
    If you don't, I suggest getting pen and paper and thinking about what aspects you want in a relationship, and what characteristics you don't. Understanding what you really want is one step towards seeing it in someone else. Next, take some risks. Get involved in a new group, or go skydiving. Getting a new perspective and meeting more people that could potentially lead to a new relationship can help. message me if you like and we can talk further :) I hope this helps!