Can I get over my best friend and still keep everything between us the same?

I'm not even remotely ready to be seeing anyone else right now because it would be an injustice to them since I compare everyone to him. But can we stay just as close and spend just as much time together and me still get over him? Any pointers or tips?

I told him I was going to try to see other guys. And normally I hear back from him IMMEADIATELY but I haven't heard from him since...


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  • There is no special recipe. Time will make your pain fade away. Also, you should start hanging out more with your friends. You will eventually feel better, I promise you that.


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  • yes you can get over your best friend by simply finding someone else. i know you can't date anyone as you mentioned but i think either start seeing your best friend as just a friend or date any other guy so you can get over him easily


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