Was this a date or hanging out?

I asked her to hang out before and she turned me down. This week I asked if she wanted to go with me to this required event for our college class. She told me no she was busy, then she said well maybe I'll let you know. She changed her schedule around and the day before told me she could make it.

It was at night and it was just me and her. We talked a lot. Felt like hanging out at first. When I dropped her off later she didn't get out at first and just hung out in the car for a while talking and giggling a lot. I hugged her and she held on to me for a while so it was a long hug. Started to feel more like it was a date at the end. I invited her to a party next weekend and she said she'd love to come.


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  • It was probably a date.


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  • Dude.. she blew u off and u asked her again? come on man...
    she is just playing with u... if u want to see her real interest.. you should have gone for the kiss and if she would have denied that then u would have left her...
    i think she is just using u as a male girlfriend