Have any of you ever had problems white online dating?

So I don't know if it's just me but recently I've been getting into online dating kind of embarrassing but whatever...
So I started talking to a guy and like we start texting and we hang out a couple times and then they start acting like I am there girlfriend and we are clearly not like I won't even answer their texts sometimes because they get really possessive
I mean I don't know if this happens to like everybody or if it does happen soon he is there in literally like oh come over who are you with or who are you hanging out with and I'm like dude I don't even know you like that we're just getting to know each other like WTF
So I guess my question is if anyone else I'm on here has had problems with online dating and like people that they like go out with get super possessive or if that's just like just me I don't now


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  • Yes... met some seriously crazy chicks. People also lie quite a bit about their situation...


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  • Yeah, stay clear of those guys and ghost out.

    Online dating is like anything else. There are lots of crazies and some great guys. I call it putting my dating life on crack. Instead of taking several years to meet a catch you can meet one in several months if you are patient with it.


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  • I don't know what white online dating is

  • I did. All the girls were out of my league and no one replied to any of my messages


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