Im unsure about it because he called me exotic and uses odd emojis?

Im sure what it is, if he is a bit weird if im just overanalzying everything or not.

So im on a app, and this guy messaged me. He aksed me if i wanted to meet one day, which normally only happens after several days or even uptill a week, but he did pretty early on, something i actually prefer that men do. We planned to grab a coffee, but we didn't plan when. Then he suddenly asked me "where im really from" so i told him where i was born (im mixed, and a lot of people think im latina, and live in Norway som im not suprised by the question).

Then we started talking about other stuff untill he suddenly asked "but where are you originally from? im just curious", so i told him the same answers, but added by ethnisity. He then said "thats a nice mix, i have a thing for exotic women". I had only been called just exotic (one guy said i had an excotic beauty) before and had no idea if i should take it as an insult or not, so i just said "haha, ok", he then said that i should take it as a good thing, it was a compliment and that I look good.

He shows interest in getting to know me or at least talking to me, but he used a lot of emojis and im not used to that at all. I do fint it a bit odd and im not sure if im too keen to meet him or not, as weird and petty as that sound.

So basically im unsure about this guy because he called me exotic and used unusual emojis. Am i just putting too much into this or should I trust my vibe?


What Guys Said 2

  • Don't worry too much

    • Ok! If we meet l'll get a better impression of him.. some people are just bad at texting and some people are different online and offline

  • Guys are usually useless at using proper emoji.. Don't worry.. It's not his fault


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  • he's baiting you. Dont fall for that sht. They all act like nice guys and aren't afraid of using emojis as women often assume the bad ones are above using dorky faces when in reality they use em to give off the nice guy illusion. Its only been a week or so. Which means He either wants something from you or wants to use you. (Leave him.)

    • Are we being a little dramatic? And we both want something from eachother, Company even if its only for a couple of hours.

    • If its no big deal why ask? u sound pretty sure of yourself. I was just giving you possible scenarios. ... Your welcome. .